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Newburgh, NY 12550


GLASBAU HAHN enjoys a worldwide reputation for its high quality display cases for museums and other institutions. Our traditional craftsmanship combined with modern manufacturing techniques along with the experience and knowledge of our personnel are key factors in our success.

GLASBAU HAHN has set many standards related to security, climate control, fiber-optic lighting, conservation, accessibility and design. Our award winning display case installations in over 300 museums around the world, including the United States, attest to this history.

Pioneered in 1935, the All-glass Display Case, was the first of many designs to receive international awards. Other technical advances include 3-Way Sliding Doors, Hinged Openings, the Hahn Swing-Door and the “Protector Case” - the ultimate safeguard for the display and transportation of hanging art such as paintings, photographs and prints.

Our display cases range from one of a kind custom-built to standard and modular case systems that can be assembled by the client. Whether working with a world renowned institution, architect, designer or a local museum or private collector GLASBAU HAHN applies the same dedication, care, quality, and resources to every project.

GLASBAU HAHN America provides direct service to our clients in the USA and offers a full range of museum services in addition to display cases such as consultations, climate control systems and through our partner a variety of storage solutions.

GLASBAU HAHN: Helping Protect the Treasures of the World for Generation to Come!

For more information contact: Robert Fischer