Zone Display Cases is a sister company of Concetti Design, a 20 years old Canadian museum exhibit builder. Zone Display Cases was created after many years working with the museology community, for witch we had designed and built many custom display cases over the years, our first in 1991. We then started developping our own modulars and standardized models in the late 1990s.

Today we offer a wide range of models, all following the highest conservation guidelines in their fabrication, airtight climate controlled casework including: free-standing, table-top, pedestal, or wall mounted.

They are available in many finishes, with different types of openings for access, equipped with the latest lighting technologies, such as LED or fiber-optic, and also including shelving and pedestals. We use either tempered or laminated security glass, in regular or ultra-white low-iron quality, according to our clients specifications.

Our team of designers, technicians, project managers and cabinet makers share a passionate approach, bringing new ideas in museum casework.

Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your projects and needs.