International Arts & Artists

9 Hillyer Court NW
Washington, DC 20008-1930

Director, Traveling Exhibition Service

Contact: Anne Timpano


Director, Cultural Exchange Programs

Contact: Jennifer Schrock



International Arts & Artists is a nonprofit arts service organization that informs, educates, and inspires the public through
enriching experiences in the arts. IA&A fulfills its mission by providing programs and services to artists, arts institutions,
cultural organizations and the public.

Our internationally-focused Cultural Exchange Programs:
♦ facilitate U.S. Department of State-approved visas for international trainees at arts and cultural-related
   organizations throughout the U.S.
♦ provide host organizations with J1 visa application services
♦ offer international exchange opportunities for U.S. residents.

Our Traveling Exhibitions services:
♦ develops and circulates fine art exhibitions to large and small institutions
♦ covers a range of art and cultural concepts from both international and American artists
♦ collaborates with more than 450 museums and cultural institutions in the U.S. and abroad
♦ provides assistance in all stages of exhibition planning.

Our award-winning Design Studio:
♦ provides high-quality, affordable print and digital media services to art institutions, artists, nonprofits and businesses
♦ produces art catalogues and marketing materials for IA&A's programs.

Our on-site gallery Hillyer Art Space:
♦ supports the local Washington D.C. arts community through enriching programs
♦ showcases regional and international underexposed artists working in a wide array of media
♦ serves as an open forum for artistic discussions, events, and activities.