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Argus, a Lucidea brand, is a flexible Web-based collections management system platform for museums and galleries, built to enhance curation, and to significantly expand outreach and access via the Web, enriching the experience for both in-person and virtual visitors. Unlike traditional collections management platforms, fully Web-based Argus enables museums to easily offer public portal access to objects and exhibits and provide more in-depth documentation about each artifact – delivering content in context. Clients leverage efficient purpose-built workflows with minimal training required, and rest secure in the knowledge that Argus is built on sustainable, cutting edge technology that will remain relevant as collections and requirements grow.

Products: Argus

Lucidea’s Brands:
Sydney, Inmagic, CuadraSTAR, Argus, Eloquent Systems, LookUp Precision, LawPort

Lucidea’s Products:
Products: SydneyEnterprise (“Sydney” or “SydneyPLus”), Presto, DB/TextWorks (“DBText”), WebPublisher PRO (“WebPub Pro”), LookUP Precision (“LookUp” or “LUP”), LawPort, Argus, STAR Knowledge Center for Archives (SKCA), Eloquent WebSuite

Lucidea’s Clients Benefit from:
Decades of expertise delivering focused support, our portfolio of complementary products, single vendor provision of interrelated solutions, and core technology that unifies powerful knowledge management, resource management, collections management and library automation capabilities – streamlining R&D, for agile development and cost efficiency.