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For more than 40 years, Spacesaver has been trusted with storing and protecting some of the world’s most interesting objects. With the recent acquisition of Viking Metal Cabinets, we now offer complete museum storage solutions for any size museum or collection. We’ll help you conserve space no matter what you’re storing: natural history specimens, archives, art, film, large bulky items, and more. From the initial space assessment, to product installation, to ongoing service and maintenance, our extensive network of local dealers has the expertise to advise museum professionals on all aspects of maximizing space and protecting collections.

Select your storage solution:
Viking museum cabinets
Entomology cabinets
Herbarium cabinets
Geology cabinets
Flat file storage
Archival storage
Media and film storage
Compactors and high-density mobile storage systems
Book storage
Bulk item racking
Art racks

See our solutions in action:
Case Study: Yale University
Case Study: Field Museum
Case Study: Naval Undersea Museum

Need help with collections space planning?
Our experienced space consultants will combine your expertise with ours. We’re here as a resource when it comes to saving space, best practices, ADA and fire code compliance, floor loading, and more, and we’ll walk with you throughout every step of the collections storage planning and installation process.

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