New Colors available! Since 1983, Strattman Design has been the world’s top supplier of the largest museum-quality plasma globes in the world. These globes measure up to 30 inches in diameter and are made from strong, thick-walled borosilicate glass (used to make durable laboratory ware) and filled with gas mixtures that meet the highest standards in the industry to provide many years of reliable and mesmerizing performance. Our plasma globes are used by hundreds of science museums worldwide for electricity demonstrations, by trade show companies and amusement parks to add visual interest to displays and many other applications where interactive dynamic “lightning” attracts the eye and stimulates the imagination.

Our new Tulpa Display is one of the most fascinating lighting displays recently developed by Strattman Design. Never-before-seen plasma effects in shapes of green spinning pinwheels, blue jets of lightning, and sparkling purple stars eminate from a wire sealed within a glass tube. These ever-changing kinetic light forms seem to have a life of their own that can respond to touch and proximity—move your hand across the glass and watch them transform! By adjusting a custom power supply the user can activate brilliant, fast moving electricity displays, or create individual glowing structures suspended in space.
Ideal for an interactive science museum, Tulpa Displays demonstrate the cutting edge of new and experimental plasma light technology.

Strattman Design’s new bright blue Plasma Tubes are one of the brightest plasma displays ever made, equally brilliant in the dark and in most ambient lighting conditions! Plasma tubes are similar to plasma globes except the glass is in the shape of a tube, available in many sizes or creative shapes. The ionized gas undulates like the Northern Lights, and the speed of motion can be controlled via custom power supply.

Crackle Tubes offer a spectacular lightning display consisting of a glass tube filled with cut glass tubing or small phosphor coated beads, which create fast-moving lightning bolts within the display as the fill material breaks up the gas discharge. Available in many colors and variable speeds.

Lightning Tubes are 2 electrode (one at each end) tubes filled with our white lightning mix. They provide a bright and fast moving lighting display appearing as “bottled lightning” that ricochets within the tube.

Named after the famous 18th century French physician Franz Mesmer, these glass tubes are inspired by Mesmerism, considered the intellectual precursor of modern hypnosis. The slowly flowing arc of plasma within the Mesmer Tube is truly hypnotic and “mesmerizing”—watch as it winds along a random path or touch the glass to interact with the light! The Mesmer Tube is the most colorful of all our displays—inquire about designs and color combinations.

Remember the old Frankenstein movies? Well he had one of these…and so can you! This special lighting effect, consisting of a high-voltage arc that rises between a set of “V” shaped wires, has never before been available safely encased in a durable, completely sealed, borosilicate glass tube! The bright arc of light rises to the top of the tube for about 10 seconds and then repeats, with the speed adjustable by a custom power supply. Available in White or Bright Blue.

From tall neon trees to moving plasma robots, Strattman Design creates innovative custom sculpture featured in fine art galleries, the World Maker Faire, and even on the set of Star Trek! View online gallery: