We make your collection come to life as much for visitors as it comes to life for you. You can even reach the streakers!

That got your attention, didn’t it? After all, not every visitor will be a scholar who reads every text rail and label. We appeal even to those not normally drawn to the subject matter. To that end, we listen to your fascinating stories about the artifacts, so we can recommend the most interesting ways to present them. The better the story the exhibit tells, the more people you reach.

Up-Close Realism specializes in museum exhibit consulting, recommending exhibit ideas that help average visitors understand both your collection and why you are so passionate about it. We bridge the gap between your expertise and their neophyte understanding. We make sure the passion you feel gets into the exhibits, by showing them all the interesting parts that are obvious to you, but not to them. Don’t just show them the object, show them why it matters, how it changed everything, how it felt to use it.

We will recommend whatever exhibit approach works with your purpose and budget. Although we build historical dioramas, we won’t recommend them unless they are a good fit. We will recommend whatever we think will improve an existing exhibit or will add to one in planning. That could include anything from a simple addition to a text panel to an engaging interactive. We are here as an idea source. Once you decide to get something built, we will recommend craftsmen to do the work, but you should always feel free to use whichever shops you wish.

After all, the point is getting the most engaging, informative and, above all, interesting exhibit on display possible, and getting people to come in more than once.